Summer’s Day is my 39 second Power Pop contribution to the excellent 100×30 Shakespeare compilation from Nub Country Records:

The song My Dad Supports Fulham, based on tracing my father after almost 50 years is featured on the excellent Nub Country Records alternative football compilation:

Eat My Goal!

Here is a compilation of my writing, all available for publishing or Film/TV synchronisation.


The Day Before © Music by Murray Webster, Lyrics by Murray Webster and Graham Turner “mainstream US radio song with its taut power-pop urgency and drive, melodic motifs and muscular production”

Get Better © Murray Webster “classic-sounding guitar riffs which import a host of 60’s and 70’s resonances into this upbeat, lean power-pop song of aphoristic self-empowerment”

This House Is Like A Beating Heart © Murray Webster “energised piece of American-sounding rock which celebrates the ‘machine for living’ aspects of a family home”

Think Fast © Murray Webster and Jamie Bozif “This song has considerable potential primarily because it is tuneful, easily remembered and unique in speaking to a very particular moment common to many relationships”

Showbiz Life © Murray Webster and Craig Wolff “The melodies here are pleasantly rhythmic and energised, and there is a tunefulness running through the entire song”

Why Not © Murray Webster and Craig Wolff “a large scale affirmation of the carpe diem principle”

My Baby Doll’s Booty Call © Murray Webster and Craig Wolff

Tell Texas Too Bad © Murray Webster and Craig Wolff

Juniper Juice © Murray Webster and Craig Wolff “some wonderful lyrical flourishes here (junkyard gin, that berry boogies and turns me loose), and this sounds convincingly like something that would sound at home in any American movie dealing with the fringes of culture”

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