Bath Spa MMus…

I spent last week at Corsham Court attending a series of introductory lectures for the latest module of my Master’s degree in Songwriting. They were full of useful information from Davey Ray Moor, Joe Bennett, Richard Parfitt, Jez Ashurst, Caryl Parry-Jones, Cliff Jones, David Stoll, Chrysalis Publishing and the incomparable David McAlmont, who sang an amazing set of past and present showstoppers to close the week.

My recording laptop died in the middle of it all, so that will be away with HP for ten days or so – frustrating! The hard drives are perfectly fine and no data is lost (so far!) but it’s disappointing that something as fundamental as the motherboard or CPU or video chip should go after only two years.

Sunday saw the latest London Songwriters meetup group get-together and thanks to everybody who contributed so splendidly to a wonderful afternoon of collaboration, networking and songshare. Looking forward to next month!

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New Year….

It’s been a busy start to the year. The deadline for my Bath Spa MMus Master’s Degree songwriting module submission passed on Friday 13th at 23:59…hopefully the essay and accompanying webcam presentation will at least get a pass after all that intensive work (edit 31/1: it did!). This module covered The History Of Song in the context of the influences on my own songwriting. I got everything in there from Flamenco, Jazz Standards, Bacharach, The Beatles, Springsteen, The Cars, Norah Jones through to Hannah Montana,  Allstar Weekend, Jessie J and Katy Perry.

15th January saw the latest London Songwriters meetup go well at our new venue, The Freemasons Arms in Covent Garden. Next one is booked for the 12th Feb.

Was out and about last week, taking in a Ralph Murphy Masterclass at the ICMP, an ICMP Songwriter’s Circle at The North London Tavern and finally on Friday a City Showcase open mic at The Regal Room. Some particularly fine songwriting and performances at the latter!

Time to get down to some writing!

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Hi, and welcome to my new website. Please browse around my bio, gallery and especially the music I have posted.

If anyone wants to publish, license, cover or perform any of the material please let me know!

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